SuperSpeed-All-Star set

  • $230.00

Designed specifically for beginning golfers ages 8-10, the SuperSpeed All Star Set brings age specific speed training to juniors. Coupled with our junior specific All-Star training protocols, we are able to continue to nurture speed and power training to players as they begin to wrestle with many of the more sport specific skills of golf. Whether on their own or in an organized group program, players will learn to maximize the speed, power, and consistency of their golf swing.


In the past 10 years the golf world has seen a true revolution in the training of junior golfers. We have begun to adhere to a very important principle: Create junior athletes that then go on to becoming elite level golfers. As junior players reach the ages of 8-10, we find that they need to learn a variety of golf specific skills and begin to truly hone their individual golf swing. During this process, we need to make sure that we continue to nurture speed and power to achieve optimal swing results. Continuing to develop fast twitch muscle fibers, coordination, and sequencing of the swing gives these players a major advantage. We developed the SuperSpeed Golf All-Star Set to do this and created our junior specific All-Star training protocols to help these players maximize their speed potential. The SuperSpeed All Star Set includes 3 SuperSpeed Clubs specifically designed for our 8-10 years old junior golfers. We have balanced the length of the club, the grip size, and the shaft flexes to optimize the effectiveness of speed development. Get started with SuperSpeed Golf training today and gain a big advantage in developing a powerful and consistent golf swing. 

    What’s in the Box?

    • SuperSpeed Golf Green “Light” All-Star Training Club
    • SuperSpeed Golf Blue “Medium” All-Star Training Club
    • SuperSpeed Golf Red “Heavy” All-Star Training Club