Copy of Vertex Golf - M20 Series with clip

  • $340.00

M20 Series with Clip
With a Ø20mm round insert, convert your putter
in to a Smart Putter! Measure key putting stroke metrics,
indoors/outdoors, on the putting practice green or on
the course.
Live or recorded, your data will provide valuable, instant
Compatible with… Odyssey: White Hot OG, Ten Series,
Triple Track, Stroke Lab, O Works, Exo.

The Clip
Vertex Golf Sensor Technology can be used with any
putter, from any brand. A custom lightweight (14g /
0.5oz ) shaft attachment in conjunction with an M20 Series SmartCore
Insert, will open up a world of data and insight to
your putting stroke.
Expertly designed for minimal visual interference
and weight impact to your putting stroke.