Smart Bag

  • $70.00


Introducing the Tour Striker Smart Bag

Dedicated golfers and their coaches have used impact bags and plane boards separately for many years. Each aid has merit helping players understand the importance of contact and path. However, not until now, has their been a simple training tool that can do both.

The Tour Striker Smart Bag is both an impact bag and a plane board! A golfer can learn the sensation of impact AND how to deliver that impact in an on-plane orientation to hit consistent, powerful golf shots.

The plane side of the Tour Striker Smart Bagis called the “plane pillow.” This structured, yet soft planar surface is removable and can be positioned in a variety of ways to help golfers repeat and understand the correct swing plane. Or, use the plane pillow on its own to understand many path and face perspectives. The surface of the plane pillow has lines illustrating address shaft location and impact shaft location for both left and right handed golfers.

A feature of the impact portion of Tour Striker Smart Bag is that each side has been designed on an angle inspiring the user to deliver the club into the bag with a forward leaning shaft position.

Made of high-impact resistant vinyl, the Tour Striker Smart Bag will help you understand and improve your impact dynamics and your swing path so you strike the ball better than you ever have before.