Super Flex Band - Resistance Band

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SuperThin Band

The SuperThin band is our thinnest 40″ resistance band and is excellent for light strengthening, therapy, prehab and fine motor skill development.  A perfect band for a therapist just starting patient rehabilitation post surgery.

The band is one of the three bands that is featured in our SuperFlex Golf Swing Kit.  Often golf instructors on the Golf Channel are seen using our thinnest band to improve golf swing mechanics.  Because of it’s light tension, this allows the user to train the smaller fine motor skills muscles with overstressing the movement and muscles with too much resistance. Approximate resistance: 1 – 3 lbs


#1 Resistance Band – Sky Blue 40″

Our #1 Resistance Band provides for a variety of exercises that are focused on warming up, light strengthening, stretching and joint range of motion. Strengthen your shoulders with this band using an endless array of shoulder and rotator cuff exercises.

Connect workout handles and clips to both ends of the band to create a fully functional lite resistance band.

This band is very popular in sports warm-ups and shoulder strengthening exercises. It is also popular in rehabilitation programs as well as senior citizens looking to regains strength.

Approximate variable resistance is: 2 to 6 pounds


#2 Resistance Band – Green 40″

The #2 Resistance Band – Green 40″ is used lighter strengthening, dynamic warm-up and stretching. Connect workout handles and clips to create a lite-medium resistance band with handles. Perfect for upper body shoulder work, hip/butt toning, and added resistance to stability training. Use this band to add resistance to core training exercises. Very popular in rehabilitation programs. Used for fitness training, sports training and physical therapy.

Attach one workout handle and clip to perform a variety of core training stability exercises that allow you to maintain a neutral spine position due to the of lighter tensions.

Approximate Resistance in lbs: 7 to12 lbs.


#3 Resistance Band – Blue 40″

The #3 Resistance Band – Blue 40″ provides for a variety of exercises that are focused toward warming up, stretching, strength training and joint range of motion.  Train the shoulders, upper body, and hips using an endless array of strengthening and stretching exercises.  Popular in fitness, sports training, and rehabilitation programs this band is a must have in your band bag.

This light to medium band can simply be used with your hands or connect workout handles and clips to create a traditional light to medium strength band with handles.

Approximate resistance in lbs: 10 to 15 lbs.


#4 Resistance Band – Orange 40″

The #4 Resistance Band – Orange 40″ is used for upper, lower body and core training. Connect workout handles and clips to create a med-heavy resistance band with handles. Popular for medium tension hip strengthening work. Cross 2 of these bands under the feet and over the shoulders for explosive plyometric training and X band walks. Amazing hip and butt workout attach the ankle strap and get your booty burning. Excellent band to loop around the waist for 3 plane resisted lunging and lighter single band squats.

Approximate resistance in lbs: 12 – 18 pounds.


#4.5 Resistance Band

The #4.5 Resistance Band is used for a variety of exercises to strengthen the upper body, lower body and core. also popular for advanced hip work strengthening work. Connect to workout handles and clips to the band to create a heavy resistance band with handles.

A pair of these bands are used on both ends of a bar for resisted straight bar training for power lifters, strong men and athletes.

The thickness of the #4.5 resistance band comes in an 80″ and 100″ length. These two lengths are called SuperFlex Movement bands.

Approximate resistance in lbs: 15 – 20 pounds


#5 Resistance Band – Red 40″

The #5 Resistance Band – Red 40″ is very popular for upper body and lower body strengthening and stretching. 2 bands work well for squats off a The SuperFlex Floor Station or simply a single band squat. Attach a single workout handle and clip onto one end of this band for heavier resistance to core rotational trunk exercises. The red #5 band is a great band for shoulder traction work and lighter hamstring stretching. This is a popular band thickness used for lateral and jumping exercises. It also comes in 2 longer lengths the 80″ and 110″ Red Movement Bands. This band is also popular for first step speed training for younger athletes.


#5.5 Resistance Band – Lime Green 40″

The #5.5 Resistance band – Lime Green 40” is the newest member to our 40” resistance band family. It lays directly between the #5 Red and #6 Purple in resistance strength. A perfect transition band as it provides for a variety of strengthening, stretching and tractioning exercises. Great for pull-ups or single arm shoulder presses simply add on a workout handle and clip for single arm lat rows. There are times when training when the Red #5 just isn’t quite strong enough and the Purple #6 is just too heavy. That’s when you bring in our new $5.5 Lime Green Resistance 40”. Widely agreed upon as our most attractive band.

This band is a popular tension used for lateral and jumping exercises. It comes in 2 longer lengths the 80” and 110” Lime Green Movement Bands. The band is also used the develop first step speed for adolescent athletes.


#6 Resistance Band – Purple 40″

Our #6 Resistance Band – Purple 40″ is very popular for lower body dynamic stretching, dynamic flexibility, and strengthening work. For a challenge, use this band for upper body strengthening and deeper shoulder stretching. Used regularly for band speed squats (SuperFlex Floor Station). Great for heavier single band squatting and hip traction stretching. Perfect for assisted pull-ups and ankle strengthening exercises. Traction stretching for preventative back care. Ages 14 – 18 boys and girls first step training and speed development. Used for assisted pull-ups. Preventative back care.

Approximate resistance in lbs: 60 – 85 pounds


#7 Resistance Band – Charcoal 40″

The #7 Resistance band is used for lower-body stretching, strengthening, assisted pull-ups. ankle strengthening and preventative back care. A perfect band for lower-body dynamic warm-up before a workout, training session, or sporting event. Utilizing 2 Bands for squats on the SuperFlex Floor Station. Excellent for upper body and lumbar traction stretching off the SuperFlex Wall Station or door harness.

The resistance band 40″ can also be used for first step and lateral quickness training drills. The #7 band thickness also comes in a longer 80″ and 110″ length.  The longer lengths are called SuperFlex Movement bands. 


#8 Resistance Band – Black 40″

Our #8 Resistance Band is our strongest resistance band and used primarily by advanced users. It’s a great band for hamstring strengthening and stretching. It can also be used for upper torso traction and lumber traction for preventative back care.

Two bands can be attached onto a leg press to change the force tension curve and to perform explosive leg press movements. Two bands can also be used on the SuperFlex Floor Station for powerful speed squats as well as fire-outs. Used for strongman training drills this band is the thickest band we offer.