Bunker Pro System

  • $49.95

“I tell my students, “Miss the board, hit the sand.” They instantly lose their fear of the sand and make a little steeper attack - trying to avoid hitting the board. The ball pops out of the bunker, and they are shocked.”

The Red foam rod is the “Anti-shank” help. “If a student gets nervous they dive at the ball and shank it. The Red rod gives them a reminder to keep their eye on the ball. No blades; no shanks; ball on the green.”

Polycarbonate base; Flip the base over for left hand use.

“Miss the board, hit the sand”. How’s that for a simple lesson?

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)


Bunker Pro Instructions:

Place the Bunker Pro in the bunker next to the golf ball so that the ball is 2” from the foam rod. This will expose the area of sand that club should interact with when hitting a bunker shot.

If you miss the Bunker Pro unit (and hit the sand before hitting the ball), you are virtually guaranteed to hit a good shot.

Hitting the Poly-Carbonate Base behind the ball will give you the feedback that the club needs to enter the sand closer to the ball. The closer to the ball you enter the sand the more spin you can impart on the ball.

Striking the foam rod gives you the feedback that the ball is hitting the hosel of the club. This feedback will allow you to swing inside the foam rod and assist you in avoiding the dreaded shank.

To continue adjust the Bunker Pro to fresh sand to give you the most accurate feedback.

The Bunker Pro was designed with instructor Stephen Aumock - Gleneagles C.C.