Driving Distance II

  • $66.99
  • Risparmia $21.01

How to master "speed"? Have you practiced for a long time but you can’t hit it far?

Can increase the distance by at least 20 meters! The training tool you need to know-「Driving Distance」.

How powerful is the Driving Distance that claims to have "magic echo" ? We can tell you how great about this!!!

❶ "Speed", "Strength", and "Sound" multi-functional trainer with three functions: hold the 🔴 red part, and the clear sound will comes into your ears while swing.
❷ You can use the sound of "da" to make the swinger easily recognize whether his shot is correct.
❸ 🔴Red training "power"; 🔵Blue training "speed".
❹ It's the "No. 1 product" that has received so much praise on Amazon in the U.S. and Japan.
❺ 5,000 sold in five months after launch.
❻ It is widely praised in social media (IG, FB, YOUTUBE) and is considered to be "an excellent product that gets thumbs up from golf professionals.