Putting Path Gate

  • $39.95

The starting line of a putt is based on how much speed you have and how much break there is in the putt. Change the speed, it changes the break, and that changes the starting line.

The new Path Gates help you identify the options for speed, the path the ball should roll, and a definitive target for starting line.

For long putts- use the 12" gate, mid range putts- use the 8" gate, and shorter putts focused on the starting line- use the 4 inch gate.

If you make practice fun, you'll practice more. The Path Gates are “FUN in volt green”!

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)


Visualizing the roll of a putt is difficult sometimes, especially if there is break.  Finding and aiming at the correct starting line is a skill we have to acquire.

Meet the Path Gates!  They are designed exclusively for these skills.  3 sizes make them ideal for different length putts. 

Brilliant colors and aiming dots draw your eyes immediately.  More speed and less break?  Choose the low-side dot.  Less speed and more break?  Choose the high-side dot.

Critical practice, and more fun to keep your attention - the perfect combo for success!

Standard Set Includes:

  • 4" Gate
  • 8" Gate
  • 12" Gate
  • Carry Bag