Sweet Roll Rail System

  • $124.95

Putting well is the perfect combination of the correct speed and chosen line. Get them both correct … Bucket! Get one element wrong... sorry, you missed.

The Sweet Roll is the tool to demonstrate the perfect combination of speed and line. It is also the ideal tool for creating focused practice where every stroke matters.

Precision speed, breaks, alignment, visualization, and purposeful practice routines all in one simple and compelling aid. Give it a Sweet Roll.

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)


This visual tool demonstrates the perfect combination of speed and line. Practice breaking putts with 100% confidence of the line.  You will learn how slight differences in speed have a big impact on green reading.

Know the perfect speed when you pull out your putter.  The quickest way to the ideal line!

Lets Get Started:

  • Find the dot that creates ideal speed. 
  • Adjust the aim of the powder-coated aluminum rail until balls fill the cup.
  • Add the Spot On Laser Target and you are ready for the most precise practice ever – putter gate, ball gate, and intermediate targets all come from the Sweet Roll.
  • There is even a dot to match a Stimpmeter.
  • Remove the kickstand and hit putts on the rail to any distance you want – 30, 60, and beyond.