WellPutt Ultimate Fitting Mat - 5M

  • $299.00

The Ultimate Fitting Mat

“You get out of it, what you put into it”

Weight: 16,5 lbs (7,5kg) Length: 16,4 Ft (5m) Width : 3,12 Ft (0,95m)

  • Speed : 11 Ft/ 3,35 m on the stimpmeter

  • 2 play directions permitting back and forth movements and offering multiple each with a different feel

  • 2 graphical representation of the holes

Wellputt has designed an Ultimate Fitting Mat that offers an accurate fitting and aiming system which makes it ideal for pro shops, golf instructing or just personal use.
Ultimate Fitting Mat is an essential and intelligent tool that can be used both indoors and outdoors can help golfers hit straighter, more consistent shots knowing that every golfer has their own unique set of swing variables.
You might hit it well on a mat because the club will skim the mat; however, when you hit it off the ground that offers less resistance to the club at impact, you may end up burying the club head.
The premium quality of its fibers added to a genuine latex undercoat improve specifically the ball roll at a constant speed.