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Check Point Swing Laser

  • $124.95

Trying to describe the motions of a golf swing with words is difficult.  It is almost as hard to actually see your own movements.

“Am I swinging in the right direction?”  “Where should the club point at the target line?”  “How do I know when I am making a good shoulder turn?”  The questions are endless!

Forget the confusing terminology about your swing.  Simply trace the laser dot on the path stripe going back, going up, and returning the club through impact and follow through.  If the dot is on the stripe, you are in great positions!

The system has two lasers attaching to your club - any club.  The “down” laser shows you the path of your swing … exactly.  The “up” laser will show you the exact plane of your swing in your backswing and downswing.

It removes the mystery of returning the clubface squarely to the impact position.

Your eyes and body will positively feel the correct positions of your swing to create the maximum club speed and distance.