Bullseye Cup

  • $14.95

Making a putt on a slope demands the perfect combination of speed and proper line. The ball enters the cup from the “top” side. Practicing with the Bullseye Cup trains your eyes to see the true entry point on breaking putts. It also functions as a cup-reducer and a pretty good indoor putting cup. It’s time to make some Birdies!

(Designed to work for both Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)


The Bullseye Cup acts as a 30% cup reducer. It is a circular device with a 2 inch opening that visually shows where a breaking putt will enter the hole.
See the Perfect Line
  • To begin, make a few strokes and find the proper line for a breaking putt you are practicing. Take notice of which side of the cup the ball enters the hole. 
  • Next, place your Bullseye inside the hole with the opening turned to where the ball will enter the hole. 
  • Now, you can visually see the gate where the ball will enter the hole.This will actually give you more hole to aim at when compared to aiming at the lip of the cup. It also helps you visualize the curve of the putt and how your speed will affect that curve.
  • Practicing with the Bullseye Cup will help you visualize the proper line and the proper speed.