• $399.00

LENGTH: 44in. x 24in.     WEIGHT: 15lbs.

The GFX Power Peel was designed specifically to enhance your Golf Fitness X experience by providing resistance and assistance training during the daily SWOD, E9, ON THE RANGE and SPEED TRAINING programs. Get Fit. Get Healthy. Swing Better.

GFX Power Peel Includes:


  • Orange Peel - (6) Resistance Band Connection Points
  • Orange Whip LightSpeed Trainer
  • 10" and 14" Resistance Bands with Handles
  • Belt - (4) Resistance Band Connection Points
  • Yoga Mat


*Choose band strength based on your golf club shaft flex

The GFX Power Peel was designed specifically for Golf Fitness X streamable swing workouts, practice drills and LightSpeed training.  The six connection points and resistance bands allow you to develop and strengthen your 5 Foundational Swing Skills with functional golf movements that are the foundation of your golf swing.  Access the daily SWOD, E9, STRETCH, ON THE RANGE, and SPEED TRAINING programs prescribed by our GFX Coaches and improve your body and ball flight immediately. You will notice the difference after just one workout.

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