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Pendulum Putting Rod

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The Pendulum Putting Rod has more than 100 fans on the pro Tours. They use it to help them stay in posture throughout the stroke and keep their hands from flipping at impact. The result of using the Rod? Putts that are hit solid and roll end-over-end... then down 4 inches.

Using the Pendulum Putting Rod helps you with critical fundamentals:
  • A perfect one-piece connection between the shoulders arms, and hands.
  • It helps you stay in perfect posture throughout the stroke. If you lift your head, the rod will fall from your chest.
  • It gives you a consistent way to check your putter shaft angle at address. This creates consistent putter loft and distance control.
  • It keeps your stroke on plane. If you take the putter back outside the line, the Pendulum Putting Rod will fall.

Perfect Setup

If the putter shaft is behind the ball at address, it adds loft to the putter.

The Result: The ball bounces. It tends to go right of the target and comes up short of the cup. The Putting Rod creates a perfect shaft angle; on target, in the cup!

Perfect Balance

If the hands flip at impact you lose control of the putter face.
The Result: Poorly struck putt.

This tool grooves solid hand position at impact – Solid putts, improved distance control.

Perfect Balance

If you lift your head and eyes during the stroke, you will miss-hit the putt.

The Result: Poor distance control and long 2nd putts.
The Pendulum Rod keeps you in the proper posture and lets you hit every putt solid.
Keys of the Pendulum Putting Rod:
  • Connect your putting triangle
  • Have consistent distance controI
  • Fits all putter head types
  • Hit every putt in the Sweet Spot
The Pendulum Putting Rod adjusts quickly to fit anyone's stroke:
  1. Twist smaller lower portion of rod 1/4 turn to unlock
  2. Adjust length to your size
  3. Twist smaller lower portion other way 1/4 turn to lock
  4. Place the rubber tip on the back or center line of your putter