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Gen Ball

Gen i1

Improve your putting with GEN i1.  The World's First Smart Golf Ball and putting improvement system.  The GEN i1 comes with a smart ball, putter sensor and easy to use app that improves your putting by combining the putter and ball data that improves your consistency and accuracy.


  • Product Info

    GEN i1 measures Face Angle at Impact, Speed, Skid/Skip, Tempo and Distance to Improve for Short Game.   Nail your distance and direction by understanding the metrics in your stroke and sink more putts and instantly lower scores.   


    The GEN i1 includes:

    • 1 Sensor Embedded Ball: 9 Axis sensor, BLE 4.0, LED light and Lithium ion battery. 

    • 1 Putter Sensor: 9 Axis sensor, BLE 4.0, LED light and Lithium ion battery

    • FREE GEN i1 app (for both iOS & Android) 


    The GEN i1's Dual Sensors instantly records your baseline patterns and suggest ideal motion improvement.  If you don't have a baseline, how do you know where to begin improvement? 


    The GEN i1 will immediately improve your putting and give you the confidence standing over any pressure putt.