Edge Putting Rail 70°

  • $59.95

The world's best players walk onto the putting green with the Edge, you can too!

70 degrees is the lie angle of most putters. Your putter will travel like it was built to - when you bring the putter off the ground it will travel slightly inside the line, and return squarely to the ball with ease. This is what a "solid" putt feels and looks like.

The 70˚ rail is the most popular plane angle and commonly works best for most golfers.

See, Feel and hear a stroke you can trust:

  • Professional Grade - Made of USA steel with a powder coat finish.
  • Markings on the Face of the Rail - check your putter's distance back and through and shaft rotation.
  • Rail may be used with or without the Edge Mirror.
  • Non-skid backing makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor practice.